No clinically significant device-related adverse effects reported with Synovetin OA®1,2

Reimagines success in treating chronic OA


Synovetin OA® provides targeted, non-systemic therapy3


The optimal-sized (~2-20 microns) particles are small enough to be engulfed by macrophages, but large enough to remain in the joint space.4

  • Therapeutic conversion electrons have a range of only 300 microns (0.3mm)4
  • Tin-117m decays to harmless microparticles of inert tin and is removed from the body via lymphatics while clinical response continues1


In an evaluation of the biodistribution and clinical effects in normal hound dogs (n=5)…


Autoradiography showed Synovetin OA® was localized in synoviocytes throughout all treated elbow joints.1

Safety was demonstrated throughout the clinical trial program1,2

Laboratory, excretion, and dosimetry results were unremarkable for all dogs tested1

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No pathologic changes to articular cartilage or bone

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No significant adverse effects were noted, even in a missed injection

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No safety issues were identified by either pet parents or medical personnel

Targeted local treatment with Synovetin OA® avoids systemic adverse side effects of other treatments4

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vs systemic therapies
Avoids toxicity of NSAIDs, piprants, or immunosuppressives

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vs IA corticosteroids
Avoids cartilage toxicity

icon surgery

vs surgical resection
Minimally invasive; low bleeding risk

Synovetin OA® can be safely and effectively used in conjunction with many other multimodal treatments.1*

Treated dogs can return home same day as treatment2,5†

  • Dogs are free to resume all normal activities as they are able, like walking or running
  • No labeled need for restraint or rehabilitation
  • Counsel pet parents to follow release instructions
    • There are guidelines on the amount of time that can be spent in close proximity for at least 2 weeks following treatment

*Clinical studies of Synovetin OA® did not exclude other OA treatments; consequently, a number of dogs received other treatments sporadically during the 12-month studies.
†Please see release instructions.

Synovetin OA® can be re-administered annually after a previous treatment for easy, long-term control of chronic OA and ongoing patient relationships.

Synovetin OA® delivers sustained, long-term OA relief.1

We’re working to forever improve canine OA pain management.


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