Exubrion Therapeutics® Events

Exubrion Therapeutics® will be showcasing Synovetin OA® at the following conferences. These are great opportunities to learn firsthand about this breakthrough treatment for canine osteoarthritis (OA)—so be sure to stop by and see us.


American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) 2021 Surgery Summit

When: October 6-9, 2021
Where: Washington, D.C.
Website: acvs.org/surgery-summit

Exubrion Therapeutics® News

JULY 19, 2021
Treatment response in dogs to 117m Sn (tin) colloid
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JAN 15, 2021
NRC guidelines pave the way for use of Synovetin OA® in dogs
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The Use of 117m Sn (tin) Colloid (Synovetin OA®) for Treatment of Naturally Occurring Grade 3 Elbow Osteoarthritis in Client Dogs

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Appendices (available upon request):

A. Study Site Protocol

B. Canine Brief Pain Inventory (cBPI)

C. Statistical Report: cBPI and Lameness

D. Individual Dog Reports (15)

E. External Doses from Dogs Treated with 117mSN Report

F. Imaging Statistical Report and CT & MR Methodology

Synovetin OA® delivers sustained OA pain relief.1

Synovetin OA® provides targeted, non-systemic therapy.2


  • Data on file, Exubrion Therapeutics®.
  • Fox SM, Donecker JM. Donecker JM, Fox SM. Safety and effectiveness of Synovetin OA®: Results of three randomized trials evaluating treatment of naturally occurring canine elbow osteoarthritis. Exubrion Therapeutics®, July 2019.