Synovetin OA® Success Story:
Tor - Field Trial Champion



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Tor - Champion Field Trial Dog - was treated in May 2021 with Synovetin OA®

Tor was a very successful field trial dog until a fragmented coronoid process (FCP) sidelined him. Despite Tor having sugery for his FCP and being a young black lab, his owners never thought he would trot or run without a limp. Dr. Sarah Love, a veterinarian specializing in sport dog medicine, suggested they try Synovetin OA®

Within 3 - 4 weeks of being treated with Synovetin OA, Tor's owners saw a noticeable improvement, and he's continued to improve ever since. "Tor is now off all his meds, is limp free, and is running field trials successfully thanks to Synovetin OA," says Marcy, Tor's mom. In fact, Tor won another champion ribbon just a few weeks after being treated with Synovetin OA. "We're so thankful that this exciting young dog gets to do what he loves." 

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