Synovetin OA® Success Story:
Watch the Amazing Transformation of Napoleon



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Napoleon was Treated with Synovetin OA®

Four-year-old English Lab, Napoleon, began limping in July 2020 and his owners initially thought it was just an injury. Their local veterinarian started Napoleon on gabapentin but the limping just got worse. Carprofen was later added but the usually energetic Napoleon was just sleeping and limping, showing little interest in his normal activities.

By October, Napoleon was diagnosed with arthritis in his left elbow and early arthritis in his right elbow. Dr. Rebecca Krimins at the Veterinary Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins University treated Napoleon with Synovetin OA® in December 2020. Within just a few weeks, Napoleons owners noticed a significant improvement in his limping. A mere four weeks after treatment, Napoleon was no longer taking any gabapentin or carprofen and was asking for daily walks, something he hadn't done in months. Now he enjoys regular walks and long strolls around the neighborhood. His owners could not be happier saying, “After being treated with Synovetin OA® it’s like day and night! He’s so happy and active, asking for walks all of the time.”

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