1 simple treatmentrelieves OA painup to 1 full year

Synovetin OA vial

NEW Synovetin OA® breaks the cycle of inflammation and pain, clinically improving mobility and providing long-lasting relief.

Synovetin OA® is a veterinary device that uses novel, conversion electron therapy to target macrophages and synoviocytes in the injected joint.1,2

icon joint

Provides durable pain and inflammation relief

icon dog

Restores the active lifestyle of dogs with their families

icon change

Alters the course of chronic OA treatment

Synovetin OA vial



New developments in canine elbow osteoarthritis (OA) are changing treatment options

Delivers sustained, long-term relief2

Helps you more confidently manage patients

Answers a significant unmet need

Helps improve your canine patient's quality of life3

Provides targeted, non-systemic therapy1

Breaks the inflammatory cycle and improves mobility2


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