Getting or amending a radioactive materials (RAM) license—

The RAM Navigator Program is here to help with the process.


A veterinary facility needs a RAM license to handle Tin-117m, the active radiotherapeutic in Synovetin OA™

Exubrion Therapeutics has created the RAM Navigator Program to provide comprehensive logistical support for adding Synovetin OA™ to your osteoarthritis therapeutic options.

Exubrion Therapeutics has partnered with F.X. Massé Associates, Inc., a medical physics group with a team of full-time physicists, to provide a multitude of radiation physics consulting services, including radiation safety, shielding design, and regulatory compliance. Their extensive experience in the medical and health physics fields ensures the highest standard of service.


RAM Navigator provides:



Training and resources for everything related to licensing Synovetin OA™


Minimization of regulatory hurdles and addressing of any issues related to licensing


Delivery of detailed personal support and assistance with any licensing issues through the FX Massé website.

The RAM Navigator Program has everything you need, all together, from our experienced team.

Information for amending or obtaining a RAM license.

The RAM Navigator Program offers a turnkey, web-based course to satisfy most regulatory training requirements.

Complimentary, easy-to-use online training.

Synovetin OA™ delivers sustained OA pain relief.1

We’re working to forever improve canine OA pain management.


  1. Donecker JM, Fox SM. Safety and effectiveness of Synovetin OA™: Results of three randomized trials evaluating treatment of naturally occurring canine elbow osteoarthritis. Exubrion Therapeutics, July 2019.