Amazing Success Stories

Watch real pet parents tell their amazing success stories and how Synovetin OA® transformed their dogs’ lives

These pet parents had their dogs treated with Synovetin OA and now have good news to share! Just 1 injection and dogs who were limping and suffering from lameness due to canine osteoarthritis were soon back to being happy, joyful members of their families again.

Individual results may vary. Dogs treated with Synovetin OA that respond usually begin showing signs of improvement in 2 to 4 weeks. Some other dogs treated with Synovetin OA did not respond as quickly.

“He’s doing circles around us”

“When our doctor contacted us about Synovetin OA, we did a little investigation and it was like a “eureka moment.” Now, we take him out on our mile-long walks and he does circles around us. We’re back to having our best friend out in the field with us again.”

—Dr. Nick DeWees
Pet Parent of Reznor,
12-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever


Quick turnaround!

“He was less than a year old when he started limping. It was heartbreaking. But with Synovetin OA, the turnaround was really quick. He was moving around, fetching and playing. He was a normal puppy again. I couldn’t believe how soon it was that he was feeling better.”

—Heather Hopkins Pet parent of Mykonos,
7-year-old German Shepherd


Like day and night!

“Napoleon is our baby. It was so sad to see him suffering and limping. After being treated with Synovetin OA, it’s like day and night! He’s so happy and active. He goes for 1-mile walks without even stopping.”

—Maria Pastor
Pet parent of Napoleon,
4-year-old English Labrador Retriever

Amazing where she is now!

“Ella Rose was stiff legged walking and stumbled a lot, but after Synovetin OA, her gait was smoother and she was not limping. If I think about how badly she was limping before and where she is now, it’s amazing!”

–Jayne O’Conn
Pet parent of Ella Rose,
11-year-old Labrador Retrieve

Out in the yard and running!

“I had high hopes to get Jackson off the meds and have him be comfy and happy… but was cautious. He was tentative at first after getting Synovetin OA. Then at 10 days, magic! He went out in the yard and ran. He hasn’t been able to do that in a long time.”

–Kathleen Hayward
Pet parent of Jackson,
15-month-old Labrador Service Dog

Gets to do what he loves!

“There was a time I thought Tor would never be able to trot without a limp, let alone run Field Trials. He is now off all his meds, is limp free, and is running Field Trials successfully thanks to Synovetin OA! We are so thankful that this exciting young dog gets to do what he loves.”

–Marcy Wright
Pet parent of Tor,
18-month-old, Labrador Field Trial Dog

No longer needs a stroller!

While Angel previously had to rely on a carrier for her walks, she is now running and playing again. “It’s like night and day after her treatment”.

–Vicki Stille
Pet parent of Angel,
15-year-old Sheltie/Beagle mix

Watch Spirit Joy’s transformation!

Spirit has been able to return to ground-based agility, a sport she had once loved to train and compete in before her diagnosis. “Synovetin gave Spirit her life back, and (I) will forever be grateful for this.”

–Cara Sandler
Pet parent of Spirit Joy
17-year-old Sheltie